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July 22, 2018 - 
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Report of Iran-France scientific meeting


The Iran-France scientific meeting was held on Sunday July 9, 2017 at the research and technology conference hall. At this meeting the following attended. The French delegation includes: Dr. Veber, Director of International Relations at AP-HP; Dr. Poyart Head of the Paris University Hospitals; Dr. Jeunemaitre Associate Dean of Paris Descartes University; Dr. Heshmati, President of the Iranian-French Association for Medical and Scientific Cooperation; Dr. Yazdanpanah, Head of the Institute for Infectious Disease of France. The delegation from Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences includes: Dr. Rahmani, Vice-Chancellor of Treatment; Dr. Jorjani Dean of School of Medicine; Dr. Javadi Head of the Eye Research Center; Dr. Haji-Fatali Deputy Director of Faculty Affairs; Dr. Ghasemali Deputy Director of Treatment Affairs; Dr. Rahimi, Head of the International Educational Affairs; Dr. Haeri, International Advisor for Student Affairs; Dr. Mafi, International Advisor for International Development; Dr. Abdolmohammadi Associate Professor of Anesthesiology at Loghman Hakim hospital; Dr. Gharebaghian, Chairman of Department of Laboratory Hematology and Blood Bank at the School of Allied Health; Dr. Kobarfard Head of Comprehensive Research Lab; Dr. Moharz, Head HIV/AIDS Research Institute at Tehran University of Medical Sciences; Dr. Mardani, Professor of Infectious Disease at the School of Medicine; Dr. Moghimi, Managing Director of Research and Technology; and Dr. Yadegari Head Research Institiute of Infectious  and Tropical Disease at Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences.  

The meeting started at 2:00pm. At the beginning of the meeting Dr. Mafi welcomed the distinguished guests and emphasized on mutual cooperation between the two countries in science, research and medical education. Then Dr. Heshmati, as the chairman of the meeting thanked the guests for attending this meeting and introduced the French delegation and the activities of the Iran-France Office of Scientific, Medical and University Collaboration. Later, the following guests, Dr. Veber, Dr. Poyart, Dr. Jeunemaitre, Dr. Yazdanpanah, Dr. Rahmani, Dr. Mohraz, Dr. Mardani, and Dean Jorjani presented their presentations on various topics. At the end, the Q and A of the participants continued on the presented speeches. The meeting ended at 4:00pm.   

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