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Accomodation for international student will be provided by university after reciving the request by applicants. It is worth-mentioning  that the cost of accommodation will be paid by admitted applicants.

Presently, there are twelve dormitories with a total capacity of 3650 students.

Among the dormitories, there are two complex dormitories, and the foreign students reside in these two complex dorms. The two complexes include the following characteristics:

SBUMS Dormitory Accommodations  

Al-Zahra Dormitory Complex (Females)

Imam Ali Dormitory Complex (Males)






Two-beds & Three beds

Room Capacities

Digital Form

Digital Form

Library Storage System 



Body Building Saloon






Transportation System (7 AM- 18 PM)



Warm Food






Soccer Field



High Speed Internet Lines

Food Services:

At the student restaurants in SBUMS schools and hospitals, there are warm foods available for students and residents in two choices. At the dormitories, there are three choices for each dinner. The food (lunch & dinner) reservation system is intranet-based through e-cards. Nutrition consultations are offered by dietitians.  


 All SBUMS students may use medical insurance. All students (whether Iranians or foreigners) are automatically insured as soon as they become SBUMS students.   

Student Work:

In order to obtain experience and help in financial affairs, the SBUMS students may be able to find jobs related to their field of study. Foreign students may also seek student jobs freely.  


SBUMS students may commute at various hours from dormitories to schools and vice versa.  

Distributing Educational Supplies:

All SBUMS students may obtain their necessary supplies and stationary through www.eshop.srd.irwith a low price.  

Book Coupons:

Every year, parallel to holding the National Annual Book Fare, the SBUMS students are provided with E-cards for purchasing books.

Health Care:

At the beginning of each academic year, the SBUMS students undergo preliminary medical checkups parallel to their registration. The program is conducted based on recognizing health care and treatment needs of the students.

The SBUMS students may use their insurance books at all SBUMS affiliated hospitals.

There are clinics available at Imam Ali (PBUH) & Al-Zahra (PBUH) dormitories rendering services to students.  

Camping & Trips:

 SBUMS provides camping and trips in various forms (cultural, religious, and recreational) in one-day or multiple-day forms in- and out- of Tehran. Such camping and trips may develop student motivation and innovation.

Cultural & Student Centers:

There are currently 13 student centers active at SBUMS , each with the following names:

Photo & Film Center; Play Center; Painting Center; Good Hand-writing Center; Literature center; Miniature Center; Hamgam Center (Learning about Iran); Tapesh Center (Iranian Red Crescent); Homa Rahmat Center; Holy Koran Center; research & Innovation Center; Health Center



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