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Allergy and Immunology laboratory recently established in Masih Daneshvari Hospital (NRITLD) of

Social Relations of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical sciences: Dr. Hamid Reza Jamaati, Deputy Director of Masih Daneshvari training hospital, shed light on establishing the subspecialty allergy and immunology laboratory.

Dr. Jamaati stated that this laboratory, having been equipped with flow cytometry, PCR and ELISA Test, is prepared to serve suspected cases of immunodeficiency, allergy and immunology throughout the country.

Having introduced Utrecht laboratories of the Netherlands and Imperial college of London as the two cooperating partners of this laboratory, Dr.Jamaati explained that suitable international relationship and cooperation has been made between this allergy and immunology laboratory and similar labs in Utrecht University and Imperial college which facilitates sending samples in special cases and paves the way for further scientific links.

Dr. Jamaati pointed out to other scientific capabilities of this center such participating in several national studies, specialty and subspecialty theses and eight research studies.

Having explained about the exclusive flow cytometry test, it is notable to refer to other important tests which are performed in this laboratory such as DHR123 for CGD patients and Btk for Bruton disease, measuring intracellular MPO and all of the immunology parameters, CD markers, CSF, pleural fluid and BAL. Moreover, of other capabilities of this laboratory, we can point out to counting and determining the percentage of CD4 cells for monitoring treatment of patients with HIV positive.

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