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The call for admission of international student for the academic year 2024-2025

The call for admission of international student for the academic year 2024-2025

   We announced that Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences is willing to accept international students for the academic year 2024-2025 in undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, specialty, subspecialty and fellowship levels.


The general condition of applicants:

  1.      Non-resident of the Islamic Republic of Iran
  2.      Not having legal prohibition for academic stay in Iran   
  3.      Presenting a valid secondary school, bachelor's or master's degree along with transcripts of previous degrees is required to continue studying in higher education.
  4.       Courses are held in English, so if applicants do not have sufficient English language skills, they must participate in language courses. For those fields of study deal with patients, knowing and having     acceptable skills in Persian language is essential. Otherwise, the applicants are required to participate in Persian language courses.  
  5.       In some academic levels and fields of study, English language interview is required for final acceptance.
  6.      The primary admission does not validate applicant’s final registration.
  7.      It is impossible to apply for non-Iranian applicants who have received their diploma from Iran.


Required documents:

  1.      Completed Application form
  2.      Scan of the first page of the passport
  3.      New Photo in 3×4 cm size (men without ties or bow ties and women with hijab)

Note: the submitted photo must be in a standard, passport-style format and taken within the last 6 months.

  1.      Holding academic certificate and academic transcript

*Photo of diploma and the secondary school transcript (for bachelor’s applicants)

*Scan of academic certificate and bachelor’s transcript, two recommendation letters, SOP and CV (for Master’s applicants)

*Scan of academic certificate and Master’s transcript, two recommendation letters, SOP and CV (for PhD applicants)

* Scan of academic certificate and previous degree transcript, two recommendation letters, SOP and CV (for specialty, sub-specialty and fellowship applicants)

  1.      Scan of research background (published articles in scientific journals, presented articles in conferences, published books, etc.)  
  2.       Completion of visa form and obtaining SAORG code from the Students Affairs Organization website:
  3.     It is mandatory to have all the required documents at the time of registration.


If you require more information, send your emails to to contact the Admission Department of the University.


                                                                                                               Table No. 1: Fields in which non-Iranian students will be accepted in the first semester of 2024-2025   

Faculty  Education level Field of Study 
Medicine    MBBS
MSc Clinical Biochemistry
Specialty  Forensic medicine
Specialty  physical and Rehabilitation Medicine 
Specialty  Social Medicine 
Specialty  Family Medicine 
Sub-specialty  Plastic Surgery
Residency  Urology
Fellowship  Kidney Transplant 
Fellowship Pediatrics Urology 
Fellowship Female Urology
Fellowship Endourology 
Specialty  Otolaryngology (ENT)-Head and Neck Surgery
Specialty  Emergency Medicine 
Fellowship Reconstructive urology 
Fellowship Genitourinary Cancers 
Specialty  Internal Medicine 
Specialty and Fellowship infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine 
Residency, Sub-specialty, Fellowship  Pediatrics  
Residency, Sub-specialty, Fellowship Cardiology
Residency, Sub-specialty, Fellowship Neurology
Residency, Sub-specialty, Fellowship Radiology 
PhD Neuroscience
PhD Immunology
Residency, Sub-specialty, Fellowship Orthopedics
PhD Medical Ethics
PhD-MSc Anatomical Sciences
PhD Biology
MSc Human Genetics
PhD Medical Genetics
MSc Medical Physics
PhD Pharmacology
Residency, Sub-specialty, Fellowship Obstetrics and Gynecology
Residency, Sub-specialty, Fellowship Perinatology
Residency, Sub-specialty, Fellowship Psychiatry 
Specialty  Sports Medicine 
Residency, Sub-specialty, Fellowship Radiation Oncology
School of Allied Medical Sciences MSc Medical Imaging Technology (MRI)
PhD-MSc Hematology
MSc Librarianship and Medical Information
Traditional medicine PhD Traditional Pharmaceutical
PhD Iranian Traditional Medicine
Nursing and midwifery PhD-MSc Nursing
PhD Pregnancy Health 
MSc Psychiatric Nursing
MSc Public Health
MSc Nursing Management 
PhD-MSc Midwifery 
Nutrition sciences  PhD-MSc Food Sciences 
PhD Research-Based Food and nutrition policy
PhD-MSc Food Science and Industry
PhD Nutrition Biotechnology
PhD-MSc Universal Health and Nutrition
PhD-MSc Clinical Nutrition and Public Health
PhD-MSc Clinical Nutrition
MSc Public Nutrition 
PhD Research-Based Food Hygiene and Safety Science
Rehabilitation Sciences PhD-MSc Optometry
PhD-MSc Physical Therapy
PhD-MSc Audiometry
MSc Orthotics and Prosthetics
MSc Occupational Therapy 
New technologies PhD Medical Biotechnology 
PhD Molecular Medicine
PhD Tissue Engineering
PhD Applied Cell Science
PhD-MSc Medical Technology
PhD Medical Nanotechnology
Faculty of Health  PhD-MSc Epidemiology
PhD Health in Disasters and Emergencies
PhD-MSc Environmental Health
PhD-MSc Occupational health and work safety
MSc Ergonomics
MSc Health, Environment Safety, HSE
Research Institute for Gastroenterology and Liver Diseases PhD-MSc Microbiology 
PhD-MSc Virology 
PhD-MSc Parasitology 
PhD-MSc Cellular and Molecular Biology
PhD-MSc Immunology
PhD-MSc Regenerative Medicine 
PhD-MSc Proteomics


Table No. 2 : Annual tuition fees for courses and degrees

Annual tuition fee



Bachelor of all fields


Masters of all fields


M.Sc. of pharmaceutical


MBBS 5-year course)


BSc. of dentistry


General physician








Clinical specialty








* Agents and Persons are required to complete the registration forms of each student on this   website 

The deadline for completing the forms will be from 27 December until the end of the office hours on 20 January 2024.


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