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 Orthopedics Clinic

The Weekly Timetable 

The Physicians


Dr. Keihani—Dr .Kazemi


 Dr Bisadi- Dr Qoreishy


 Dr Qoreishy-Dr maleki-Dr sabaghzadeh-Dr hosseini khameneh  monday

Dr Aslani- Dr falsafi-Dr bisadi


Dr Qoreishy-Dr Maleki


 Dr Maleki- Dr Bisadi  THuersday
 Pain Clinic

The Clinic Director: Professor mahside Ghasemi (MD, Pain Control Post Specialist)

The Pain Clinic of SBMU Akhtar Hospital began its mission following the start of the post-specialty program period in pain studies; during the years it has become more advanced and equipped with more modern machinery. The clinic now benefits from an outpatient ward and an operation room; and it is today one of the most complete and busiest pain clinic nation-wide. At this clinic all diagnostic and treatment activities on chronic pain are performed including the less invasive spinal column and discus surgeries.

The spinal column, organ, and joint chronic pains, as well as post-op pains and cancer pains are dealt with at this clinic. 

The activities performed at the SBMU Akhtar Hospital Pain Clinic are as follows:

  1. Diagnosing neuronal blocks via sonography;
  2. Neuronal Neuro-Lasers through fluoroscopy;
  3. Implanting spinal pumps for controlling pain;
  4. Less invasive discus and neck surgeries (OP);
  5. Laser use & RF of the discus and spinal neurons;
  6. Neuronal ganglion blocks

The Admission Days include Saturdays, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays

The Admission Times include 08:00-12:00

Direct Phone: (+98) -21 – 2261 -2252  

The Anesthesiology Clinic

The Chairman of the Ward: Professor Faramarz Mosaffa (MD, Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology)

The academic staff members at the Anesthesiology Ward include Professors; Professor  Mahshid Ghasemi of Anesthesiology) 

The Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic

The clinic is directed by Professor Mehrdad Dehghani (the specialist in oral & maxillofacial Surgery).

The activities performed at the clinic include:

  1. Visiting and preparing teeth radio-graphies;
  2. Surgical consultations;
  3. Performing implants;
  4. Dental casting  

The General& Cosmetic Surgery Clinic:

  1. The specialists at this clinic include Professors Reza Asemi (MD, General Surgeon), and Neda Zahiri& Fatemeh Hoseinizadehgan (MD, General Surgeon).
  2. The admission days include Tuesdays & Thursdays 
  3. The Electro-Diagnosis, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Clinic:
  4. The clinic is run by Professor Farshad Nouri (Specialist in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation). 
  5. The activities performed at the clinic include physical medicine consultations, and performing NCV & ENG.
  6. The Admission Days include all working even weekdays from 08:00-12:00  

The Internal Medicine Clinic

The clinic is directed by Professor Fakhroddin Sadrol Eslami (MD, Internist). The Admission Days include all working weekdays from 08:00-12:00 

The Weekly Clinics Programs