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In terms of its social responsibility and dexterity, the university intends to play an effective role in transferring and producing knowledge, gaining experience and technological ideas, creating wealth (spiritual and material) and creating employment with the help of specialists living abroad or inside with its human capital. According to this policy, the invited members will help identify the branding of the university in the national and international arena by participating in medical, educational, therapeutic, research, industrial, launching technological businesses, giving lectures and specialized workshops in person or in absentia. Convey that they will benefit from the benefits gained in this joint cooperation of the parties.


  1. Applicant complete CV
  2. Application Process
  3. Personal Development Plan (PDP)
  4. Requirement
  5. Request  Form Short CV form
  6. SBUMS Visiting Professor Profiles
  7. The method for receiving professional services in the form of visiting and honorary professor





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