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 Vice-Chancellor of International Affairs has been established in 2014 in order to develop policies and consistent programs and set targets to align research, educational and treatment centers affiliated to the university, aiming to forge international links which help to fulfill the following objectives:

* To promote and facilitate international collaborations in education, research and technology, sign contracts with research and educational institutions to exchange professors and students, make efforts to find scientific, research and therapeutic potentials in order to meet needs of both sides of the contract

* To admit students from inside the country and abroad, as well as Iranian students residing in foreign countries to study in demand-driven majors at the international branch and accomplish its executive missions

* To achieve international standards of education and research, promote accreditation of graduates’ documents and their academic degrees and issue documents of high value to be accepted in prestigious universities in the world

* To assess university based on educational and research criteria, organizational development and human resources in accordance with common standards between university and accreditation organizations in order to improve the quality of education with presence of professionals in this regard

* To do ranking in order to evaluate the university standing in comparison with other universities this is to be done according to the global evaluation indices and indicators in order to improve quality and actively participate in the international arena 

Babak Sharif Kashani, MD

Vice-Chancellor of International Affairs



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