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January 28, 2023 - 
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At the moment, several French-Iranian cooperation projects are defined and in the process of being developed.

Apart from private projects, universities and institutes in Iran are in direct contact and collaboration with their French counterparts. One of the objectives of the inauguration of the Franco-Iranian office is to know them, coordinate and facilitate their collaborations and support them.

Since the establishment of this office, Dr. Ghanati has led all the administrative activities and then we have had the opportunity to take advantage of the presence of Dr. Hajifathali and his invaluable help in the field of educational research and academic. Initially, the collaborative work was started under the direction of Dr. Peyvandi and then Dr. Aghajani, the new Chancellor and Dr. Faizi the Vice-Chancellor of International Relations. We have had a lot of success in organizing conferences and seminars, collaborative meetings at the headquarters and presenting our activities to other universities and institutes.

The French Embassy in Iran supports all collaborations in a strong and organized way. This includes financial support, information and coordination needed to develop projects.

Buisiness France also collaborates with our office to invite laboratories and exporting companies



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