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Research progress is a fundamental principle showing a nation’s development.

Aimed movement when it is in line with planning for necessary national research is a must for continual research programs and scientific development in medical fields in any country.

In line with this, the Vice- Chancellor’s Office in Research Affaires seeks its global mission through producing and expanding knowledge and technologies related to health, and by qualitatively and quantitatively promoting the human researcher treasure. Furthermore, we pursue to elevate our university’s research rank both nationally and internationally, contribute in software movement, and achieve the comprehensive research map. Doing all this, we try to not only organize research conduct in the country, but also to move our research resources (including manpower and finance) in conducting research based on personal interest towards performing research based on our national needs.

Boasting for having numerous directors’ offices including Director in Research, Director in International, and Seminar Affaires, the Central Library, Students’ Research Committee, Publications Office, the Office of the Relations with Industry to develop research fields, designing National Comprehensive Research Map, our office has tried to prioritize our national needs in conducting research and producing knowledge. 

Afshin Zarghi, phD

Vice- Chancellor in Research Affairs








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