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Faculties from University of Mara Malaysia, visit the School of Dentistry

 Dr. Ilham Wan Mokhtar pediatric dentist and Dr. Mohd Yusmiaidil Putera Mohd Yusof oral and maxilofacial radiologist of the Faculty of Dentistry of Mara University of Malaysia visited the School of Dentistry from 19-21 January, 2020. This visit was planned at the request of the Malaysian side with the invitation of the Vice-Chancellor of International Affairs, to explore the areas of collaboration and familiarize the parties with the facilities and needs of the universities of both sides.


The visit began on Sunday, January 19, 2020 with the welcome of Dr. Dalband, Dean of the School of Dentistry, with a brief introduction of the scientific and research fields and specialties of the university. Then the visiting professors, accompanied by Dr. Dalai, Director of International Accreditation and Ranking, and Dr. Parihzkar, Faculty of Dentistry, visited the various departments of the School of Dentistry and were introduced to the faculty and their activities and therapeutic practices.  Then they went to the Department of Oral Health and Social Dentistry and became familiar with the social services of this group to different segments of the community (schools, health networks, etc.). Also, they got introduced with the collaboration of WHO Office of Education and Research in Tehran.

The visit continued on Monday, January 20, 2020 at the School of Dentistry Conference Hall and was presented by Dr. Ilham Wan Mokhtar and Dr. Mohd Yusmiaidil Putera Mohd Yusof and attended by the faculty members of the School of Dentistry.  These seminars were focused on introducing Mara University School of Dentistry, history and statistics of faculty and students, degrees, postgraduate courses, research areas, services to Malaysian People (pre-school children, children with special diseases, dental trips to rural areas, etc.).

A Meeting with the Members of the Research Council of the Faculty of Dentistry (Dr. Tehranchi, Dr. Panahandeh, Dr. Baharvand, Dr. Attarbashi, Dr. Niknejad and Dr. Safavi, Dr. Ghasemi, Dr. Tabrizi, Dr  Shatani, Dr. Fallahnejad, Dr. Pahizkar, Dr. Dalai and the Malasysian guests.


At the meeting, research areas, ongoing research projects and future plans and research achievements of the parties, new therapeutic approaches were shared. It was decided to plan and conclude a Memorandum of Understanding for future collaborations, and a trip for the university faculty members will be planned to Malaysia.


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