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Meeting with the regional advisor of the French Ministry of Health

On Wednesday January 22, 2020, the Vice Chancellor of International Affairs welcomed the regional adviser of the Ministry of Health, Mr. Guillaume Huart and the cultural advisor of the French Embassy, ​​Mr. Augustin Plard. Faculty members of emergency medicine and nutrition, as well as advisers and administrative members of the University and Ministry of Health of Iran were also invited to this official meeting.

First, the Vice Chancellor of International Affairs, Dr. Babak Sharif Kashani, extended words of welcome to the French delegation and the Iranian guests. Then, he briefly presented all of the Iran-France cooperation activities even before the opening of the Iran-France scientific cooperation office including the observation internships for emergency specialists and hematologists in 2017 and 2019, the signature of MOUs with the best French institutes and universities, the organization of Franco-Iranian workshops, seminars and conferences, the organization of French courses for Iranian students, interns and specialists willing to go to France and the double degree program of emergency medicine in collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine of Paris-Descartes University.

Mr. Guillaume Huart then presented all the points detailed in the Iran-France collaboration roadmap, specifying on the opportunities offered to Iranian students, residents and specialists who want to pursue different higher education programs in France. Currently, 5 medical students can apply for one or two month training in the different sections of General Medicine, General Surgery and Pediatrics. Also, Iranian specialists with a good knowledge of French (level B2) can submit their applications for the free Fellowship programs in anesthesia, pediatrics and pediatric surgery.

Dr. Sharif Kashani also indicated the potential of the university and more specifically Masih Daneshvari hospital to organize short training courses in cardiology for French specialists.

The Director of International Relations of the Institute of Blood Transfusion (ITS) of Iran, Dr. Fariba Seighali stated the importance of Iran-France collaborations to organize workshops of expertise by the French side not only for Iranians but also for all specialists in the Middle East region. The IBT wanted to extend the MOU signed with the French blood transfusion institute to continue this kind of joint activity.

Emergency medicine professors, Dr. Keihan golshani and Dr. Gholamreza Masoumi presented their proposals for the master's program in public health and emergency medicine. Mr. Huart, very positive about the importance of this kind of cooperation, suggested including these proposals in current roadmap (response to the natural disaster). Consequently, this cooperation is also feasible and, as a first step, the faculty of Paris-Descartes is the first choice to launch discussions on school programs.

The director of international relations of the faculty of nutrition, Dr. Mina Esmaeili, presented her national diet plan for Iranians measuring heavy metals (Pb, Cd), nutrients (Zi, Fe, Ca) and the evaluation of associated risk factors. She asked for the cooperation of the French side in 2 levels: supervision and consultancy during the progress of the project and confirmation of the results of the Iranian laboratories.

At the end of the meeting, Dr. Sharif Kashani thanked all the speakers of this meeting once again and showed the will of the university to maximize Franco-Iranian cooperation in all directions. The office coordinator, Dr. Kiandokht Ghanati and the office consulter, Dr. Sepideh Habibi will follow up all collaborative activities including research projects and the exchange of students and specialists.

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