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Scientific collaboration between the plastic and reconstructive surgery center of the 15 Khordad hospital and the University of Lyon

On Saturday January 2, 2021, a meeting was organized in the presence of Dr. Kiandokht Ghanti, head of Franco-Iranian scientific cooperation and international director of education and research of the SBUMS, Dr. Ali Modjalal, professor and director of the Department of Plastic Surgery of the University of Lyon, Dr. Yavari, Director of Center, Dr. Hasanpour Director of Education and Dr. Kalantar Hormozi, Director of the Department of Plastic Surgery of 15 Khordad Hospital.

In this meeting, the different opportunities for collaboration between the 2 parties were discussed. Given the pandemic situation of covid-19, the virtual development of Franco-Iranian cooperation between the 2 centers was proposed and accepted.

In the meantime, a collaboration agreement is made for the use of facilities on both sides for short and long-term training.

It is worth mentioning that all current Franco-Iranian agreements are made with the efforts and suggestions of Dr. Zali, chancellor of the University Of Medical Sciences Of Shahid Beheshti.

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