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Second package of medical equipment for Coronavirus patients offered by France

On Tuesday March 17, 2020, France sent the second package of medical equipment by the flight of Iran Air for the treatment of Coronavirus patients (COVID-19).

Thanks to the efforts of Iran-France scientific cooperation office, 6 pallets of medical equipment in size of 12 m³, was sent to the center for the management and control of Coronavirus disease at Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences to fight against the current epidemic situation.

These medical devices include an ultrasound system, syringe shoots for electrical injections and other essentials such as clothing and masks for use in hospitals in Tehran.

The equipment was sent by order from Ms. Florence Veber, director of international relations for public assistance hospitals in Paris (AP-HP) to help improve the current state of medical services. The first package for the treatment of Coronavirus patients was recently offered by the French Ambassador to Iran, Philippe Thiébaud to the Minister of Health and Medical Education.

It should be mentioned that the decision to send medical care was taken by the coordination of Dr. Farhad Heshmati, the coordinator Iran-France scientific cooperation office, as well as the great efforts of the Iranian ambassador to France, Doctor Bahram Ghasemi.

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