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The Honorable Ambassador of Poland and Professor Madera visited Mofid Children's Hospital and Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences

On Tuesday morning, July 05,2022, Mr. Maciej Falkowski, Ambassador of Poland, along with Prof. Marek Madera, Head of Pediatric Neurosurgery Department of Medical University of Silesia, visited Mofid Children's Hospital.

In this meeting, Dr. Sharif Kashani, Vice-Chancellor of International Affairs, Dr. Okhovatiyan, Director of International Relations, and Dr. Nouripour, Chairman of Mofid Children's Hospital, and Dr. Javadzadeh, Dr. Moradi, and Dr. Ahmed Abadi, faculty members of the hospital and Ms. Cheragali, International Relations , and Dr. Ghasemi, the in charge of public relations were present in this meeting.

In this meeting, the parties introduced their universities and medical services. In this visit, they visited the department of pediatric neurosurgery (operating room, PICU, etc.), and nephrology, dialysis, transplant, and NICU  and closely got acquainted with the stages of diagnosis and treatment, post-operative care, etc.

Later, the visiting team came to the university Chancellor's office and met with Dr. Zali, Chancellor of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Dr. Haeri, Senior Advisor to the Chancellor of the University, Dr. Sharif Kashani, Vice-Chancellor of International Affairs, Dr. Zarghi, Vice-Chancellor of Research Affairs, Dr. Ghanati, Director of Research Affairs of the Office of Vice-Chancellor International Affairs and the head of the Iran-France cooperation room and Dr. Okhovatiyan, Director of International Relations were present in the meeting.

In the end, while introducing the actions, achievements and future plans of the university, medical services, covered population, research centers, medical journals and articles of the university, they discussed the differences and similarities of the scientific-research and therapeutic activities of the two countries. And finally, the possibility of expanding these activities in two universities was raised and investigated.

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