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Vice- Chancellor of International Affairs

Who Does the Thinking The Role of Generative AI in Higher Education

Since OpenAI launched ChatGPT 3 in November, 2022, generative AI has spread like wildfire throughout the world

 The capacity of Generative AI to produce humanlike content in response to prompts is characterised by the use of deep learning models.


 A wide range of opinions are available on how this will affect higher education, covering from the necessity to limit the use of protective measures in order to embrace them as a tool for improving Higher Education.


 In this webinar session from the International Association of Universities (IAU), NLL Senior Researcher Chris Dede and other scholars shared their views and perspectives and discussed how Generative AI will transform higher education.


 What is the challenge to be addressed, and what opportunities can be pursued in order to raise quality of education?


Watch the clip and learn about the uncertainties, tensions, and opportunities triggered by Generative AI.

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