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Admission Guidelines 

Below you can find explanations on how to prepare some of the requirements. It is recommended that you follow these suggestions to make sure that your application documents are suitable and satisfactory. 

  • Curriculum Vitae (C.V.)

Your C.V. is one of the most important documents in your application. You must make sure that the information you provide in a C.V. is accurate, up-to-date and clear. It is through your C.V. that our experts and admission committee members get to know you.

 There are different types and formats for a C.V. Each has different sections, all of which must be written and filled with adequate care and accuracy. At SBUMS, we highly recommend and expect that your C.V. includes the following items: 

  • Personal and Contact Information:

 Name, gender, nationality, telephone/cellphone number, complete postal address, email address, etc. 

  • Education Information:

All previous education since secondary education/high school, beginning and ending year of each mentioned academic period, thesis title for thesis-based degrees, GPA of each academic period, attended seminars or workshops, etc. 

  • Publications (in case you have published academic work):

Published scholarly articles, contributions in scientific/academic publications, conference papers, etc. 

  • Professional Work Experience:

Places you have worked, you position, short description of responsibilities and duties, beginning and ending year of each job, etc

NOTE: Although all types of work experience are important, it is recommended that you give a higher priority to those jobs which are related to your academic background or your intended academic programs in the future. 

  • Language Knowledge and Proficiency:

Name and level of proficiency (beginner, intermediate, advanced, native, etc) of any language you know, name and score of any official language tests you have taken etc.

NOTE-1: Do please bear in mind that the official language in Iran is Persian (Farsi). In order to ease the transition of our international students into their new environment, SBUMS offers Persian classes to international students . 


NOTE-2: Moreover, some educational departments require a minimum band score of 6 in IELTS, or its equivalence in TOEFL iBT or TOEFL PBT, is an admission requirement at some university’s departments. Therefore, it is recommended that you provide the score of any standardized English language test you have taken in this section. Write you TOEFL and IELTS scores in this part, providing the score of each test section, i.e. Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. 

  • Notable Skills:

Computer skills such as adequate familiarity with different software, social skills such as public speaking and lecturing, language skills such as translation or editing, etc. 

  • Honors and Awards:

Any notable awards, certificates or honors you have received during your academic career in contests, seminars, workshops as a result of high-quality performance in your specific academic field of interest or activity. 

  • Interests and Hobbies:

Academic interests such as various fields of study in which you are interested, research interests, etc, as well as personal interests and hobbies such as music, sports, arts, etc. 

  • References:

Name and contact information (especially email addresses) of references, primarily your university teachers and professors or references who know you in a professional working capacity, i.e. from your jobs

  • Admission Documents

You will need to send certain documents to SBUMS for admission processing. The documents you need to send for your admission processing are listed below:

Necessary documents for applying and surveying documents.

  1. Completing admission application forms (containing birth certificate and passport information, phone number), email and former educational level and requested major and dominance level on English languages other foreign languages) and sending it to email address at least 8 months before starting educational term.
  2. Educational document picture of former level.
  3. Passport picture (main page)
  4. One passport photograph in JPG format and maximum size of 300 in 400 pixel

Optional case:

  1. CV
  2. Recommendation letter from professors of former educational level.
  3. Cover letter based on achieving motivation in this major and this university.

NOTE-1: After achieving this document, related applications will be refereed for surveying to college and related group.

Related documents and processes for registering of accepted persons.

  1. Noticing to accepted persons and filling educational visa forms (during 10-day work from achieving admission letter).
  2. Achieving educational visa by accepted persons in determined cities for Iran consulate and entrance to Iran for completing the enrollment process.
  3. Reference to international assistance and providing following documents:
  •  main and copy of passport
  • 3 photographs
  • Main and copy of former level educational document which was confirmed y origin country foreign affairs and Iran embassy in origin country attached to translation picture for document adaptation and assessment.
  • Completed admission form.

     4. Paying fee and providing main receipt of payment to international assistance.
     5. Reference to ministry of science for annual educational accommodation.

International assistance proceedings after finalizing the enrollment.

  1. Issuance of introduction letter to bank for paying fee.
  2. Issuance of introduction letter to bank for opening account naming student.
  3. Collaboration in educational visa achievement for accepted persons.
  4. Issuance of introduction letter to selected dormitory of applicant with focus on necessity of dormitory cost payments by student.
  5. Declaring time of placement test of Persian, English and necessary coordination.
  6. Starting of English and Persian education course for students according to placement test.
  7. Students introduction to related college and official units for providing educational service.
  8. Subsequently, student enters the main educational course and according to listed description in noticed table, student educational durations will be continued. 

NOTE-2: Kindly note that all documents need to be original or else the copies should be proved same as original by the head of the certificate issuance authority after admitting to SBUMS.

NOTE-3: For the documents which are not issued/written in English (or Persian), the English translation approved by a notary public must also be attached to the original document.

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for further any requirment please do not hesitate to contact us:

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