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Presently, the university benefits from 10 schools admitting students in a wide and varied range of fields…


The university includes 3 research institutes, and 52 research centers…


The university includes 12 educational hospitals.


The International Branch of Behesti University of Medical Sciences and Health Services is to be the best International branch of all Iranian universities…


Presently, the university is publishing 30 scientific journals. 26 of these journals are ranked as having the “Scientific- Research Rank”… 


IDL is an advanced system which gives you simple and one step access to all your electronic resources at the Iranian National Medical Digital Library...

  • Molecular Diagnostic Laboratories of Research Center for Genomics Registered in NIH the USA

  • Workshop on Advanced Techniques of FTIR Spectroscopy

  • 4th Tehran SCHOOL OF NEUROSCIENCE: Basic approaches in neurological diseases

  • WHO Representative visited Shemiranat Health Network

  • A ceremony to acknowledge organizers of “Oral Health” and “Social Dentistry” courses held in collaboration between University of Helsinki and SBMU

  • Narrow Pelvic Reconstruction Surgery for the First Time in the World

  • Dr. Gharehbaghian as ISBT board of directors

  • Holding Workshop on FTIR

  • World Thyroid Day Symposium was Held

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