There are two dormitories available for our international students with a capacity of 60 girls and 56 boys and more than 16 studios for married couples. All rooms and studios of these university complexes are equipped by:  accidental insurance, prayer room, sports hall, computer site, library, elevator, heating services and air conditioning, internet and kitchen appliances. 

Food Services:

At the student restaurants in SBUMS schools and hospitals, there are warm foods available for students and residents in two choices. At the dormitories, there are three choices for each dinner. The food (lunch & dinner) reservation system is intranet-based through e-cards. Nutrition consultations are offered by dietitians.  


 All SBUMS students may use medical insurance. All students (whether Iranians or foreigners) are automatically insured as soon as they become SBUMS students.   


SBUMS students may commute at various hours from dormitories to schools and vice versa.  

Camping & Trips:

 SBUMS provides camping and trips in various forms (cultural, religious, and recreational) in one-day or multiple-day forms in- and out- of Tehran. Such camping and trips may develop student motivation and innovation.