1- Two 3x4 personal photos with full hijab

2- Copy and scan of the student’s residence page

3- Copy and scan of the first page of the passport

4- Completing the definitive exit form and pinning a photo in the upper left part of the page along with its scanned format (the typed form should be printed in two series.)

5- Deposit receipt of 20000Rials (2000Tomans)

The deposit receipt must be provided from the International Students Affairs Organization and after writing first and last name on it, it must be scanned.

6- Completing the worksheet form that has been approved by the relevant education expert.

7- Completing the form of the consular affairs that have been confirmed by the Financial Affairs.

** All the above documents along with the original passport with a valid student residence (at least 2 weeks validity) should be delivered to the Consular Affairs.

*** Please note that the academic degree can only be received if the final exit stamp is seen in the passport, and students who are applying to change their status to dependent on the family must obtain their academic degree before going through that process.

Address of Student Affairs Organization* to obtain residence slip/permit: International Student Affairs Organization (Foreign Citizens), Ferdowsi Ave, Mousavi St, Tehran, Iran