1- Two 3x4 personal photos with full hijab

2- Copy and scan of the student’s residence page

3- Copy and scan of the first page of the passport

4- Copy and scan of universal ID (if you receive a new passport, copy and scan the previous passport)

5- Completing the residence extension form and pinning the photo in the upper left part of the page along with its scanned format (the typed form should be printed in two series.)

6- Original deposit receipt of 200,000Rials (20,000Tomans) and its scanned format

- Obtaining a deposit receipt from the International Student Affairs Organization* with forename and surname on it

- Get safe life insurance (accident insurance) from the website https://hayateamn.ir/shop/ and print from the issued insurance page (the insurance premium is chosen by the insured person and is valid for one year from the time of issue).

7- Completing the worksheet form that has been approved by the relevant education expert.

8- Completing the consular affairs that have been confirmed by the Financial Affairs.

9- All above documents along with original passport 35 days before mentioned stay date in the passport must be submitted to The Consular Affairs, otherwise all consequences of postponement including; daily fines is on the student or their advocate.

(The daily fine after the end of student’s residence have been determined by the police 200,000Tomans)

Address of Student Affairs Organization* to obtain residence slip/permit: International Student Affairs Organization (Foreign Citizens), Ferdowsi Ave, Mousavi St, Tehran, Iran

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