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Soleiman Ahmady, MD, PhD of Medical Education

Associate Professor



Dean’s welcome message

I am delighted to welcome you to the Virtual School of Medical Education & Management, which offers a unique opportunity for learners to pursue their education in an academic friendly environment.

The pursuit of excellence in science and technology in the region is one of our national goals, and this faculty bears strong responsibility in achieving the goal and moving in that direction. For eight years after the establishment, and along with its continuous development, the Virtual School of Medical Education and Management, has attempted to institutionalize in-person and high quality virtual education, promote applied research in line with the world's advanced colleges, move in the direction of creating entrepreneurship, and play a  major role in creating employment, developing technology and creating social value.

Undoubtedly, the continuous and qualitative development of the faculty and job creation for the graduates are the main concerns of the faculty. To achieve this goal, the active participation of all faculty members, students, researchers, and staff is needed. The development of job skills, professionalism, and empowerment of students and faculty members in line with the process of national development in order to academically address, and solve social issues are among  the most important key aspects of the third generation universities.

Students of this faculty benefit from the best training for the least expensive training courses. The faculty member employ novel teaching methods through information and communication technology tools. Accordingly, the way is paved for the students to target knowledge acquisition and play a constructive role nationwide. Therefore, we are trying to create an appropriate environment to foster the growth of several in different fields of education, research, and entrepreneurship in this faculty. 

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